Unveiling the
Creation of Holychoco

The Start
of Holychoco

The inception of Holychoco stemmed from a profound aspiration to establish a confectionary utopia in Montreal, revolving around an heartfelt devotion to chocolate. Our overarching objective is to satiate your most indulgent chocolate desires and ensure that each visit is etched in your memory.

Creating The
Perfect Setting

Every aspect of Holychoco – from the decor to the menu – is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. We believe that the environment in which you enjoy chocolate should be as exquisite as the chocolate itself.

Our finest Belgian

All our Belgian chocolate are Gluten free, Halal and Kosher Dairy.


33.6% Cocoa / 20.8% Milk


30.4% Cocoa / 28.3% Milk


28% Cocoa / 22% Milk


70.5% Cocoa / Vegan

Our Mission and Vision

Guiding Holychoco's sweet journey


Our vision at holychoco is to make the world a sweeter place, one chocolate at a time. We are committed to spreading joy and indulgence through our delectable chocolates and creating unforgettable experiences for our customers.


Our mission is to be the leading chocolate cafe globally, delivering exceptional quality and satisfaction to chocolate enthusiasts worldwide. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, we strive to surpass expectations and set new standards in the chocolate industry.